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In an imagine conversation with Bill and David??


I think the best starting point is to go back to an imagined  conversation with Bill and David??

I would have said why permaculture, surely permagarden or permaagriculture.

David may have responded "Robin your not hearing Bill, its bigger than that. Its more than just garden, it can include anything.

Then i would have replied, then why not call it permasystems/permadesign???.

I went on to explain because by using the word culture and applying it so specifically to gardening is not making it easy to see how the "permaculture" principles apply to spaces outside the garden. That if was to offer a thought it would be to call the philosophy Permasystems.

David/Bill, you highlight the permagarden side of things and I highlight the permaculture/kulcha side of things. 

That way both implementations demonstrate the broader possibilities of Perma/Design/Culture, Its not just about the garden.


  • Natural rules for natural systems
  • The less your organise, the more it turns out the way you would like it
  • Incredibly adaptable.
  • Self Generating.

PermaKulcha - Powerpoint Presentation - Ignite Talk - 12 April - Burning Man Conference - San Fran

PermaKulcha - Powerpoint Presentation - Pecha Kucha - 21st May - Tanks Cairns

View PDF of Powerpoint

Slide - 01 - Introduction

Slide - 02 - Molison and David Holmgren

Slide - 03 - Language, Frameworks, Semantics, Linguistics


We all tend to our gardens  with different approaches


PermaKulcha is applying Permaculture principles to Human Creativity and Collaboration

Slide - 04 - There are some principles

Slide - 05 - There are Site Plans

Slide - 06 - No Comment

Slide - 07 - Group plantings are Like Villages, Like villages In like areas

Slide - 08 - A fern won’t grow in the desert and a Cactus won’t grow in a Jungle

Slide - 09 - Plants are like people  - We all have our friends that help us do better

Slide - 10 - Here are some of the Burning Man gardeners from around the world talking about the garden

Slide - 11 - Here is a slide on what that garden can look like

Slide - 12 - This is the space at Digger Street – 344 Garden Space – Green Room – Digital Magazine

Slide - 13 - Before the plant selection comes preparing the soil

Slide - 14 - Animals, worms and bugs help prepare the soil maybe oblivious to plants above

Slide - 15 - A plant needs balance.  What you don’t see, the roots, anchor and sustain it

Creative Collaboration are no different

If your organisation is constricted at a root level, the plant becomes vulnerable, show heavy without foundation


Slide - 16 - Then there are the animals

Slide - 17 - In Jungles, paths are the laziest of routes, Cows know this

Slide - 18 - There are Cow Paths and Human Paths

Slide - 19 - So you can have a festival site like this 

Slide - 20 - Or like this, it depends on how you let it grow

Slide - 21 - 






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